International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss

Physicians’ Circular Migration and Economic Consequence for Jordan
Rasha M. S. Istaiteyeh, Nael M. Sarhan, Usama, R. M. Al-Qalawi, Jacques Gaillard

The return of highly skilled migrants has been proofed to be a suitable instrument for reversing brain drain in developing countries. This study examines the relationship between educational attainment represented by migrants physicians’ source of board and patients visits. The study focuses on evidence from Jordan since this country has a long history of skilled migration. The study analyses a sample of 267 migrants Jordanian physicians. It shows that migrant’s Jordanian physicians source of education, gender, speciality and length of time spent abroad have a significant effect on their average daily income.

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