International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss

Net Neutrality Repeal and its Effect on Consumers
Héctor R. Lozada, Gary H. Kritz

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers, (ISPs), and governments should treat all data on the Internet the same, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication. In early 2015, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) adopted rules to keep the Internet net neutral denying preferential treatment for Content Providers (CPs) that are more data-rich than other CPs. By late 2017, the new chair of the FCC announced that the agency would end the net neutrality rules adopted during the Obama administration. In this paper, we explore where net neutrality rules stand, and look at both sides of the net neutrality argument. We close by discussing answers to the questions surrounding the potential effects an Internet without net neutrality could have on consumers.

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