International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss


Political Education in Turkey, Germany and Austria. A Comparative Study?

Education and, indeed, political education are forms of intentional action. This means that they are led by objectives and values. The aim of education is to give everyone the possibility of playing an active role in shaping the future of a democratic society. Political education aims at motivating people of different ages to an engagement in democratic societies and communities. In this context, the structure of knowledge, the political ability to judge, legal capacity and methodical abilities are extremely important. Thus, in Europe, there is a developing interest in political education. At the beginning of the 21st century, political education is faced with new challenges in world politics and globalization debates. In connection with the political discourse about the reduction of the voting age to 16 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the discussion on political education has become more intense than ever. In respect of the development of a democratic consciousness, involving political culture and institutions, political education in Turkey cannot be avoided. The aim of this paper is to develop and strengthen awareness of democratic values in Turkish political education, and to make comparisons with political education in Germany and Austria.

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