International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss


Improving Coastal Tourism Business Competitiveness: Using Ecotourism’s Concept to Explore to Potential of Coastal Tourism Business Pandeglang and Serang Districts. Banten. West-Java. Indonesia
Hengky Sumisto Halim

The number of tourists are decreased especially surround Pandeglang because of the decreased of competitiveness of coastal tourism business. The concept so called ecotourism, which is consider as a new trend in tourism-based business, is expected to be able to improve the competitiveness of coastall tourism business in the aforementioned region. This research is aimed to find out new potential objects of coastal tourism which can be used as parameter of the competitive advantage coastal tourism business that match with the implementation of ecotourism’s concept. The result of the research founded 3 potentials coastal tourism business could be improved based on ecotourism concept and competitiveness concept in Pandeglang regency which could improve the coastal tourism business: Tanjung Lesung coast; Anyer Coast; and Carita Coast.The describtion of competitiveness: Firstly, Tanjung Lesung coast is the most competitive coastal tourism busines (scored, 0.88). They have to improve open resources coastal tourism provided with diving, snorkling, and banana boating. Secondly, Anyer coast can become competitive coastal tourism business (scored, 0.71). They have to zoning and landscaping the open resource coastal tourism by collaborating the activities with local people. Finally, Carita coast almost becomes competitive coastal tourism business (scored, 0.61). They have to re-zoning and landscaping the coastal tourism area and developed natural coastal tourism. The results of the research indicated that Tanjung Lesung coast is the most competitive of coastal tourism compare to Anyer coast and Carita coast. The potential itself is: view point; landscape; culture; and sacred place.

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