International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss

The Implementation of Al-Mas’uliyyah Values in Management of Islamic Affairs in Maips
Abdul Ghafar Don (First Author), AnuarPuteh (Corresponding Author), Samira Saad

The values of al-mas’uliyyah (responsibility) that refer to Islamic values Inculcation Policy is one of the policies and government efforts towards enhancing the quality of management and administration. However, current situations in the management of Islamic affairs signify that the roles on al-mas’uliyyah values are still vague due to various crises in management context including current Islamic affairs management that tend to be associated with the isuues of lack of accountability and transparency, breach of trust, beareaucracy, misuse of power and the like. Therefore, the purpose of this studyistoanalyse the implementation of al-mas’uliyyah values in the management of Islamic affairs among MAIPs staff. The study design isin the form of survey research. A number of 50 MAIPsstaff out of 70 were selected as respondents. 47 of them answered the questionnaires.The selection of respondents in this study was by using a non- random sampling methodamongthe staff of MAIPs.Datagathered through questionnaires were analyzed descriptively using SPSS. The findings show that the values of al-mas’uliyyah applied by MAIPs staff were grateful, responsible, virtuous, trustworthy, diligent, dedicated, and cooperative. While the other values, namely cleanliness, discipline, moderate, and sincere were less practiced by MAIPs staff. The implication of the study is hoped to help and become a catalyst for restoring the ability of a quality management system by practicing al-mas’uliyyah values in the management of Islamic affairs. In addition, the study can contribute knowledge to the responsible parties such as MAIPs, in particular an organization that manages the administration and management affairs of Islam in the state of Perlis.

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