International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss


Ms. Muqaddas Butt, Ms. Samra Moosa, Dr. Muhammad Ajmal, Dr Fazalur Rahman

The research was conducted to explore the effects of shyness on the self esteem of 9th grade female students. The objectives of the research were to identify the symptoms of shyness, to explore the causes of shyness, to find out the relationship of shyness with the self esteem and to examine the effects of shyness on the self esteem of 9th grade female students. For this purpose exploratory research design was used. Total 150 female students from 5 Federal Government schools of Rawalpindi were  as sample. By using purposive sampling technique only those students were  who were observed by the researchers and were identified as shy by their teachers. For data collection two standardized scales were used as research tools. For identifying the level of Shyness, a scale developed by Dr. M. Vanaja, Ms. N. Sneha Latha & Dr. Digumarti Bhaskar Rao in 1998 was used, and for self esteem Rosenberg’s self esteem scale developed in 1965 was used. Shyness scale contained 25 items and self esteem scale was consisted on 10 items.It was found that weak positive relationship existed between shyness and self esteem. The results indicated that shyness affects the self esteem of 9th grade female students. A variation in the level of shyness was also found among students. It was explored that some students suffered from occasional shyness while, other experienced acute shyness, which obstructed the development of students. Teachers can play a vital role in overcoming students’ shyness by using different techniques in the class. Parents should also encourage and motivate the shy children.

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