International Journal of Business and Social Science

ISSN 2219-1933 (Print), 2219-6021 (Online) DOI: 10.30845/ijbss


Surveying and Identifying the Factors Affecting Successful Implementation of Business Strategies in Companies of Fars Province Industrial Towns (Case study: Companies of Food Industries)
Mollahoseini.Ali, Ahmadkhani.Hadi

The purpose of this study was to Survey and identify obstacles of Successful Implementation of Business Strategies in food industry Companies of Fars Province. This research is a mixed method research that combined both quantitative and qualitative research methods. In qualitative part, focus group and in quantitative part inferential and descriptive research was applied. In order to inferential analyse we used Firedman test, confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis. The research population consists of all executive managers, middle managers, operational managers, professional experts, experts, consultants and elites of food industry companies of Fars Province. They are 205 people. In order to data gathering, semi structured interviews and researcher made questionnaire were used. Result of exploratory factor analysis of research questions led to identify five following factors: planning consequences, organizational obstacles, managerial obstacles, individual and staffs obstacles and environmental obstacles. Survey of current level of each obstacle in impeding successful implementation of business strategies in food industry companies of Fars Province show the following result: planning consequences 68.09%, organizational obstacles65.48%, managerial obstacles 60.40%, individual and staffs obstacles 72.0% and environmental obstacles63.99%. Further more, the result of Firedman test for ranking the role of these obstacles in impeding successful strategy implementation was as following orderly from high to low role: individual and staffs obstacles, planning consequences, organizational obstacles, environmental obstacles and managerial obstacles. We also surveyed and ranked all of obstacles indexes. Finally in this research, the model of obstacles of Successful Implementation of Business Strategies in food industry Companies of Fars Province was well developed and its reliability and validity was confirmed. As a result, under studied and other companies can use this model in order to identifying and determining the role of each obstacles in Successful Implementation of Business Strategies.

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